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What Is a Haulage Contractor?

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A haulage contractor has the great task of transporting larger goods from point A to point B for a range of domestic or commercial needs. These services are different to a courier where multiple deliveries tend to be made on a large route, we just share the roads! Whether it’s for a large building project or you are moving to a new home, Heaver Bros Ltd can cater to projects of all sizes so call us today on 01392 447747.

What Does General Haulage Mean?

Our general haulage services include transporting items such as building materials, furniture, or equipment to locations across the UK and Western Europe. A haulage contractor takes great care in their job to ensure the goods they carry are always kept safe and nothing is delivered broken or faulty.

Haulier services are more commonly used to help bring large quantities of supplies to construction sites. As well as this, they also use companies like us to deliver their machinery to fulfil their jobs. A lot of different road haulage vehicles can be hired, depending on the needs of the customer. These include:


The Tautliner is great for the heavier objects we transport as it has the highest strength-to-weight ratio tolerance. This vehicle has curtains which are fixed when moving to secure the load, but when items need to be dispatched, they draw back for easier unloading.


The Euroliner trailer is commonly used for pallet loads and has through roof loading as well as the option of loading from the curtain sides. This is a much lighter option and can hold up to 34 pallets.


Our Flatbed vehicles are great for quick loading and unloading of goods. These are mostly used to transport larger items which can withstand the rain as they are not enclosed vehicles.

Step Frames

The Step Frame vehicles have two levels which make transporting items which are tracked or have larger wheels. These are easy to load with ramp access at the rear.

Sliding Skeletal Trailers

We use Sliding Skeletal Trailers for transporting storage units. It’s low unladen weight and durability make these so great.

Professional Haulage Contractors

With professional haulage contractors comes a quality service. We ensure each client is happy every step of the way when with us and play close attention to protect the items we are moving for them. Our team here at Heaver Bros Ltd pride ourselves in providing excellence in each job we undertake.

The latest technology is used to track the lorries to give customers (and us) peace of mind that their belongings are where they should be. This also would help if there were ever any issues with a delivery. To make sure deliveries are as fast as they can be, we are conveniently located near the M5 and A30 so our call outs can be performed as quickly as possible.

Haulage Contractor Definition

The best way we can define the role of a haulage contractor is by saying it’s a bigger scale removals service. Where we can still provide help for those rehoming themselves, our speciality is in the movement of larger items of all kinds. There is not much of a limit as to what haulier services cannot move, of course within reason!

There are a range of lorry sizes which are available, depending on the job type and what sort of items need to be transported. Each client also has different needs which are important to be met by the haulier.

Haulage Company Devon

Heaver Bros Ltd are a haulage company in Devon which provide excellent haulage and transit services. We are a tried and trusted haulage contractor which you can rely on. If you would like to find out more about how we can help you, speak to our team today by calling 01392 447747. We are happy to help in any way we can.

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