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Self Storage Tips To Make The Most Of Your Space


Self storage is a popular solution for those who need a little extra room to store their spare items. Sometimes they’re used for things like Christmas decorations, other times they can act as storage for small businesses. Whatever reason you have to need a storage container, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you make the most of your extra space.

Shelves, Racks & Rails

Your storage unit can benefit from the same storage solutions that you use at home. Installing shelves, racks and rails can make a big difference to how you use the space. Some storage companies can supply these for you, whereas others will not. If they don’t, there’s no need to worry. Simple shelving units are usually inexpensive and easy to assemble inside your storage space. Just be sure to check with your self storage provider if you’re planning to drill anything into the walls, floors or ceilings of the container.

Arrange Your Self Storage Unit Sensibly

How you arrange your items will depend on what you’re storing and when you might need to access it. For example, if you have Christmas decorations, you can probably place them somewhere harder to reach, as you should only want to get to them once per year. However, if you’re storing bicycles, tools or other items that you may want to grab quickly, these should be placed in easily accessed places.

If you’ve got shelves, the best way to arrange things is to put the heavier items on the bottom and the lighter items on top. This is also for your safety, as you wouldn’t want something heavy dropping on you from above.

Self Storage Exeter

Storing Large Items

Large items like sofas should be stored on their ends if possible. This is the best use of space, but be careful and ensure that it’s secure. You wouldn’t want something as large and heavy as a sofa falling over inside the storage container!

If you’re putting away furniture that can be flat packed or disassembled, it’s best to do this first. Keep all the pieces together and keep any instructions that you may need for reassembly attached. If there’s fixings like bolts, nuts and screws, put these in a secure bag so that none get lost.

For Self Storage, Choose Heaver Bros

Heaver Bros offer self storage solutions at fantastic prices. Located at Exeter airport, which is easily accessed via the M5 and A30, our containers are a great option for customers all around Devon. Contact us today to enquire about our self storage unit availability.

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