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HIAB Crane Hire


HIAB truck cranes are a fantastic piece of machinery that allows you to load and unload heavy objects with very few pieces of equipment. This saves time setting up and ultimately money too. Essentially a HIAB is a crane mounted onto a modified truck to form a self-loading and unloading vehicle. Built so that the vehicle’s engine powers the hydraulic on the crane, these great pieces of equipment are able to lift and move objects with great ease.

Whilst HIAB is an abbreviation of Hydrauliska Industri AB, the company that invented the hydraulic loading crane, the word HIAB has become synonymous with the term for a truck-mounted crane. With many different sized HIAB cranes available for hire, there is one suitable for almost any project or job. The versatile machines are fantastic for quickly and easily lifting and moving objects in place or for loading the back of the truck up to efficiently transfer materials to another area of your project.

What Weight Can A HIAB Truck Handle?

All HIABs are designed to be able to lift and carry varying weights and sized loads so it depends which sized HIAB you choose for your project. The size of the crane can also differ from truck to truck giving you different lifting heights and lifting loads.

What Can A HIAB Crane Be Used For?

The HIAB trucks we hire out in Exeter and the surrounding area have high precision controls and a payload room that means unloading and loading them is easy, fst and efficient for your project. Their capabilities mean they are great for maneuvering around corners and other obstacles with ease. Our experienced and highly trained operators are skilled at using the HIABs for even the most technical of projects and will be able to get the job done effectively.

Construction work

The most common use for our HIAB truck hire is within construction projects. The loading and transferring of building materials and other resources is vital to the smooth running of any building project. HIABs are very fast and efficient at loading, transferring and unloading materials when necessary, making them a must have on all building sites.

They are the ideal tool to have around because they can respond to short notice lifting requirements and tight deadlines, which are common in the construction industry where materials must be on-site to meet building or refurbishment completion schedules.

Portable Units

Portable units such as small kiosks, beach huts, portable cabins and other similar units can be lifted and transferred with ease with our lorry mounted cranes. This makes them very useful for moving your cabin or beach side shop during the winter months.


From installing timber frames to shop signs, the HIAB lorries are great for installation jobs on building sites and to place the larger finishing touches on shops and structures. Where heavy lifting HIABs are better than a standard crane, they can also be used to deliver the sign to the shop front or timber frames to the construction site, making the time and money you spend on equipment much more cost-effective.

Other applications

HIABs aren’t just great on construction sites, consider using one for various other loading and unloading projects too. Such as:

  • Bespoke vehicles
    • Forklifts
    • Other smaller construction vehicles
    • One of a kind vehicles
  • Elevated Work Platforms
  • Boats
  • Earth Moving vehicles

There are very few limitations to the capabilities of these amazing machines and this list above is by no means exhaustive! However, with many of the lifting jobs that require loading and unloading, they require skills and the appropriate training. This is why all of our HIAB hire services include a highly trained operator to ensure that the job is done properly and without risk of damage or injury.

Contact Us For More Information On HIAB Crane Hire

To find out more about our HIAB hire services in Exeter and the surrounding area, please call us on 01392 447747 to speak to one of our expert team. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have about lorry mounted cranes. Please contact us to hire one of our well maintained HIAB vehicles.

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