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Temporary Offices: Portable Office Buildings


There are many situations where temporary offices come into use. They’re a good choice for building sites, temporary healthcare settings and even circus box offices! Shipping containers have a lot of potential, but here we’re going to discuss why they make fantastic temporary offices.

Your Permanent Office Is Undergoing Construction

It doesn’t matter whether your permanent office is in an office block, a school, a theatre or anywhere else. If it’s undergoing construction work that renders it unfit for working in, you’ll want to consider using a temporary office.

The benefit of using a container is that it can be located away from the noise and danger of a worksite. You’ll be able to get on with your work in peace, with comfortable surroundings. Luxury shipping container conversions can even be equipped with kitchen and bathroom facilities, so you’ll have everything you need in one place.

A Temporary Office On The Move

If you work for a travelling show or circus, a temporary office makes a great box office. You can fit the container with windows so that you can serve customers during operating hours. The container can be fitted with all the equipment that you need, and offers enough space for several people to work at once. When you need to move on to the next location, the container can be easily transported. This can help to keep your running costs down, as you don’t need to set up and disassemble a new office in every area you work in.

inside 20ft x8ft office

You Need A Temporary Office For A Building Site

If you’re operating a building site that’s extensive and requires an office, a converted shipping container is a great solution. As the construction site develops, the office can be moved to accommodate any changing requirements.

The benefit of containers is that they can provide toilet and kitchen facilities on site. They’re protected from the weather, so if an unexpected downpour occurs, site workers can seek shelter in the temporary office. You can even get containers that are fitted with shower facilities, which is great for messy construction sites.

For Temporary Offices, Choose Heaver Bros

We stock a number of converted shipping containers that can suit a variety of needs. Get in touch today if you’d like to discuss the containers and temporary office that we have available.

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