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Small Space Self Storage Exeter

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People have been opting for smaller housing spaces or even downsizing over the years, so we at Heaver Bros have put together our tips on small space self storage in Exeter. There is a need for more strategic ways of making the most out of the space you have and it is easier than everyone thinks, so read on to find out how you can avoid your home turning into a claustrophobic pile of mess.

DIY Self Storage

Firstly, a creative way to make use of what is around you is to DIY storage. You could recycle used clip binders by using them to store and organise wires neatly without tangling them up. Draw organisers are a good idea for any room of the house as well as installing hooks in the back of cupboards or on walls to hang belongings on. Small pieces of clothing, accessories or miscellaneous items can be stored in fruit baskets which look nicer and fit with most aesthetics.

How Can I Reduce Clutter?

Tying in with DIYing your home, there are simple ways you can reduce clutter in your home by making use of things around you. You can use a rack on the back of your door to hang clothes on or even a secure cabinet (just make sure it doesn’t interfere with using the door). Alternatively, you can do the same with your walls, as well as putting up shelves to clear up floor space.

Vertical space is important to consider too when floor space is limited. Many shops sell stackable storage which you can personalise to a structure that is fits your home. Foldable chairs are good and can be stacked away to make room when you aren’t using them.

Storing Household Furniture

Multi-functional furniture is rising in popularity and quality as years go on. Things like pull out sofa beds are great to use as your own bed or as a spare for when you have guests, daybeds are also another version that have the same uses. Bedframes with draws or storage underneath is a discrete and practical choice or you can get risers for bed legs that create more room for boxes or baskets to be placed underneath for the same affect.

Headboards are an easy opportunity to get more storage as some come with sections for things like books, laps or jewellery boxes. You can also double up a bookcase as a headboard as well as being a room divider – the possibilities are endless!

Self-Storage Exeter

Finally, you can always come to us at Heaver Bros to help with self-storage Exeter. We offer a range of sizes for your spare belongings which you can get need but have no room for in your home. You may have trued making a pile of things to give away or donate but you just can’t, and that’s okay! Our team will be happy to advise you on the best size and ways to optimise the unit.

Heaver Bros Exeter

Hopefully your eyes have ben opened to the storage possibilities you have and if you do choose to store your extra belongings, come to us at Heaver Bros Exeter. Call our team and we’ll give you a free quote and explain the option you have, we look forward to hearing from you.

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