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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Crane Hire


So, you need to hire a crane. But it’s a big investment, and you want to make it worth your while. Read on to find out some helpful tips and advice on how to get the most out of your hire period, whatever the nature of your project.

Find A Reliable Hire Company

Your journey to successful crane hire starts with finding a reliable company. There are many plant hire companies around, but it is important that you ask the right questions before choosing.

Are they qualified? Are they insured? How long have they been established? What kind of reviews and testimonials do they have? Do they offer personnel or just the equipment? And, perhaps most importantly, do they offer the equipment you need?

construction worker controls of lifting crane in crane truck

Choosing the right crane hire company can be overwhelming, but having a clear sense of your own needs is a good place to start. If you’re based in the Exeter area, consider contacting Heaver Brothers. We have over 50 years of experience, a fleet of high-quality cranes, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Choose The Right Crane For The Job

Tower cranes are instantly recognisable, and they are great for large sites, especially high-rise construction projects. However, in many cases, a truck-mounted HIAB crane will be a more efficient option. They are easy to bring on site and fast to set up, allowing you to maximise productivity and get maximum value for money. There are a few different types of HIAB crane available to hire, including:

lorry mounted crane
  • Small HIABs. These lightweight, versatile machines are ideal for smaller loads and smaller building sites.
  • Medium HIABs. These cranes are able to lift heavier loads higher, for more demanding construction projects.
  • Heavy-lifting HIABs. These heavyweight machines are ideal for shifting much larger loads around much larger building sites.

If you’re unsure which size of crane you need, speak to your hire company. They will be able to provide expert advice and support based on your specific requirements.

Prepare For Your Crane Hire In Advance

Once you’ve chosen the right company and the right crane for the job, what can you do to prepare for the arrival of your machine? Here are a few helpful tips:

  • Get all your materials ready before the crane arrives. You will be paying hourly for your use of the crane, so make sure you’re ready to start work immediately.
  • Tidy up your building site. The last thing you want is for an untidy site to make it harder to bring in and set up your crane. Clear a path well before it arrives.
  • Make sure everything is legally compliant. You may need a permit to have a crane on-site. You may also need to do additional health and safety checks. If in doubt, check with your hire company.

HIAB Crane Hire In Exeter

We hope this provides you with some useful knowledge when it comes to hiring a crane. So, whenever you next require crane hire services, you’ll know where to start. For advice, support, and a reliable HIAB hire service, contact Heaver Brothers in Exeter today.

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