Store Retail Stock More Efficiently

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When you run any kind of business, having the right storage in place is key, especially when you run a retail business. Be it a shop or online store, being able to fulfil orders and hold enough stock to cover them is key to the success of your business and keeping up with customer demand. Here at Heaver Bros we have the perfect way to store retail stock more efficiently with our self-storage for businesses.

Get Your Stock Organised

This seems like an obvious one but getting organised is key. Figure out what stock you need to keep at your main premises and box up your spare stock ready to be moved to your new storage unit. By simply doing this you can free up more space and keep the extra stock you need for high selling lines.

Remove Or Reduce Old Items

When it comes to older stock that has slowed in sales, it may be time to think of a sale reduction or moving the items on. This can be through a simple donation to our local charity, it may have lost its value to your business but may be able to add value to your local charities. You want every item in your business to work towards your bottom line.

Choose Self-Storage As A Storage Option

This is where self-storage is the ideal answer. Adaptable for both short and long term letting, it could be the answer to your retail business. We have a range of containers to choose from, all with 24-hour security and regulated to protect your stock. The cost is affordable and will allow your business to expand when your HQ may not be able too.

Self-Storage For Business Exeter

Contact Heaver Bros for the best self-storage for business in Exeter. We have a range of containers perfect for your business. Our expert team are here to find the ideal containers for all your retail needs.

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