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How Self-Storage Can Help You Sell Your Home

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When you have decided to sell you home there are many things that need to be arranged. From finding an estate agent to looking for a new home but when is it best to start sorting your possessions? Our houses fill quickly over the years with all the items that our families build over the years. By getting ahead and putting everything in order, making the house your selling look its best is very important. That’s how self-storage can help you sell your home.

Organise Your Possessions

Take a room at a time, otherwise the task can seem massive. Split all your items into ones you need to keep in the house for now, the ones you would like to put in storage and finally the ones you wish to recycle, donate or dispose of. Once all your items have been sorted it’s time to start removing the ones you wish to recycle and donate a move them on to their new homes.

Once these are cleared, start to box up the items you are keeping in self-storage. Remember to store them in simple cardboard boxes, this can help to combat condensation that can happen with plastic storage boxes. You want your valued possessions to come out of storage as good as they went in. Don’t forget to label each box, so you know where it needs to go in your new home.

Give An Uncluttered Look

Once everything has been moved on to a new life or been safely stored away in self-storage. Its time to organise your home ready for selling. Give a clean simple look with each room staged as it should be used. For example, if you have a bedroom you have been using as a study, it’s time for it to go back to being a bedroom. Show each room at its best and remember viewers will want to able to envision living there, so make it easy for them to do so.

Self-Storage Exeter

We have shown you how self-storage can help you sell your home by having a simple uncluttered look. It can also help with the move too; all you need to do is backup the remaining items and moving day becomes simple. For the best self-storage in Exeter come to Heaver Bros. We have a range of storage containers to choose from and the perfect sized storage units for you and your valued possessions. Contact us and find out how we can make moving day that bit easier.

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